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What's the Name on Your Frame?

Every great home starts with a great frame. But what's the name on your frame? And why should it matter?

Framing material. It's not as exciting as wood flooring, beadboard paneling or even decking. But the material used to frame the largest investment you'll probably ever make in your lifetime - your home - can make a huge difference. Why not just leave it to the builder to decide? Because he might choose whatever's handy that week. Wouldn't you rather have whatever is strongest?

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You have options: wood, steel, even concrete in some states. Wood is always the best option, and here's why:
  • Nine out of 10 homes nationwide are built with wood.
  • Wood is one of the only renewable building materials on the market.
  • Wood emits less greenhouse gasses than steel or concrete, protecting our environment.
  • Wood products make up 47 percent of all US-made raw materials, yet its energy consumption during production is only four percent. Plus, wood can be disposed of with no danger to the environment.
  • Wood doesn't conduct heat and cold (steel and concrete do), so homes framed with wood require less energy to heat and cool, reducing total energy costs.
  • One inch of wood is 15 times as efficient an insulator as concrete, 400 times as efficient as steel, and 1,770 times as efficient as aluminum.

When you're choosing a wood species to frame your house, choose Southern Pine. It's strong, it's durable and Southern Pine stands the test of time. Southern Pine has been used to build homes for centuries, and it's still the building product of choice today. Grown in thriving, healthy forests, Southern Pine is the strong environmental choice. Plus, choosing Southern Pine helps the economy on a national, state and local level: there's probably a Southern Pine forest growing near you right now.

There's a new trend in homebuilding: treated framing. Using pressure-treated Southern Pine to frame your home adds an extra layer of protection between your family and insects, decay and rot. Treated Southern Pine is designed to not only withstand the elements, but it's just as strong, durable and long-lasting as regular Southern Pine framing.

Another trend one that has been around for ages is building homes on a raised floor system rather than a concrete slab. Some of the oldest, most historic homes in America are still standing proud with Southern Pine raised floor systems, and more and more new homes are reverting back to this time-tested building method. The benefits of building woodframed homes on raised floor systems make foundation decisions a no-brainer. Find out the Top 10 Benefits of Southern Pine raised floor systems

So what's the name on your frame?

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