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Southern Pine Porch

Let’s face it: thinking of porches strikes up memories of simpler times when summer afternoons were spent rocking in a rocking chair or swinging on that old porch swing, drinking ice-cold lemonade, wondering who might stop by to “sit a spell.” Porches – whether screened in or left open – put the “Southern” in Southern Pine.

Whether you are building a new home with a striking front porch drawn into the plans or if you’re thinking of adding a new side porch to give your existing home a little extra breathing room, Southern Pine should be your material of choice. Frame your porch with pressure-treated Southern Pine lumber and relax knowing that the superior strength of the wood will ensure that your porch stands the test of time, providing your Pine Porch & Rockerfamily with a lifetime of porch memories. Southern Pine lumber is the strongest softwood species available, and family- and pet-safe preservatives injected into the wood protect it from pests, decay and rot.

Southern Pine porch flooring has been the preferred porch flooring material for decades. Builders prefer it because it is easy to work with, competitively priced, readily available and exceptionally strong. Homeowners love it because it is beautiful and adds a timeless look and feel to their porches.

Southern Pine porch flooring is available in a variety of sizes, grades and patterns. There are several things to consider when deciding which will best suit your needs. Will your porch be completely covered by a roof, or partially exposed to the elements? Unless your porch will be completely protected by a roof, experts recommend constructing your porch much like you would construct an outdoor deck. Incorporate a surface of 2”x6” or 5/4”x6” Southern Pine Porchradius-edge pressure-treated Southern Pine. For a striking appearance, choose Premium grade radius-edge decking.

If your porch will be completely protected by a roof (with a bit of overhang), opt for tongue-and-groove pattern porch flooring. Southern Pine porch flooring is typically 1” or 1 ¼” in thickness (nominal – actual thickness are ¾” and 1”) and is available in widths of 4” to 6”. Flooring of grade C&Better is most often recommended for porch flooring applications. 

Be sure to check out our Southern Pine projects for great porch ideas! Or, for more information about Southern Pine porch flooring including design and installation tips, download our Guide to Southern Pine Porch Flooring brochure. Also be sure to order a complimentary copy of our Porch Flooring Installation Video.


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