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Southern Pine Interior Paneling: Options and Styles for Every Room in Your Home

Wall Pine Paneling

All Southern Pine products are economical, easy to work with and come from renewable Southern Pine forests. Southern Pine remains the preferred framing and decking material of homeowners because it is the strongest softwood species available. Its beauty has made Southern Pine a popular choice for interior products as well.

Southern Pine paneling is available in a variety of sizes and styles from v-groove panels to beadboard, all of which will add a classic, elegant touch to any room. The natural golden color of the wood brings a warm, cozy feeling when finished with a clear stain. The structure of Southern Pine allows it to accept paints and stains better than other species, meaning it can be painted any color or stained as dark or as light as you like. Or, for a truly unique touch, it can be “pickled” or whitewashed for a more rustic look.

Ceiling Pine PanelingSouthern Pine paneling is traditionally sold as a tongue-and-groove product, making installation a snap. Panel widths range from four to eight inches, and ½ to 1 inch thick. Panels are available with or without a bead. Panels with no bead are tapered slightly on the edges, creating a “v-groove.” Southern Pine paneling is also available as a plywood product – 4’ x 8’ sheets of beaded paneling.

When purchasing Southern Pine paneling, whether you plan to install it as a wall or ceiling product, look for a description of panel grades in the store. Most retailers will have examples of each grade available to help you decide which you prefer. The most common paneling grades are “C&Better,” “D,” and “#2.” The highest grade, C&Better, will feature a very clear piece of wood with very few knots. Some people like more knots in their paneling, for that rustic, outdoors look. If you fall into this category, look for #2 grade paneling.

Stair Pine PanelingLooking for unique installation ideas for your Southern Pine paneling project? Try installing v-groove paneling diagonally on a wall. For even greater impact, use a combination of panel widths on the project – alternate between 6” and 4” panels. Or, to really dress up a room, install beadboard paneling ¾ of the way up a wall and add a chair rail to finish it off, and paint it a deep, rich color.

Be sure to check out our Southern Pine projects for more great paneling ideas! Or, for more information about Southern Pine paneling products, download our Southern Pine Patterns brochure.


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