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How to Buy Southern Pine

How to Buy Southern Pine

Don't be afraid of the lumber aisle... we'll explain it to you! Southern Pine, before treatment, is a nice, clear yellow/gold color. The deep grain, swirls and knots you can see are what set Southern Pine apart from other species.

Much of what can be seen in the lumber aisle at lumber dealers and home improvement stores will be Southern Pine … but how to be sure? The fool-proof way is to look for the grade mark on the piece of wood: look for a black-ink imprint somewhere on the lumber itself. Every piece of Southern Pine must be graded and checked for strength and consistency before being sold. Once it's been checked, the Southern Pine wood will be stamped with a grade mark. This mark describes the piece of wood, the moisture content (important if you're building inside) and the quality of the wood (straightness, etc.). If you see the letters "SP" (Southern Pine), "SYP" (Southern Yellow Pine) or Mixed Southern Pine, you've chosen the right material. The two primary grading agencies for Southern Pine products are Timber Products Inspection and the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau.

Southern Pine lumber is available in a wide range of widths and lengths to suit any project you decide to tackle. Typically, wood lengths range from 8' to 16', with widths available from 1" to 12". If you are looking for Southern Pine flooring, the wood will be flatter, but can still range in width from 2" to 12".

Choosing Southern Pine is the responsible choice. It's one of the only renewable building materials on the market. If you want the look of real wood, choose real wood. Choose Southern Pine.


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